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How MindSampler Enables Experience Sampling Studies

With our proprietary mobile app and category leading data collection solution, launching an experience-sampling study with MindSampler is easy.

Step 1: Design Your Study on Qualtrics

With MindSampler, you can design your study using your familiar Qualtrics account. Simply create your study, ensuring it's optimized for mobile display, and provide us with the URL. We recommend using our survey templates, which already include all the necessary embedded data fields to facilitate seamless data exchange. These fields will automatically capture your participants' IDs, sensor data, and when they received survey notifications. The templates also include various useful branching examples that you might find helpful in designing your experience-sampling study.

There are two templates:

  • Button Qualtrics survey: This survey is displayed when participants click the "take your pulse" button on the app home screen; this survey also provides first-time instructions.

  • Notification Qualtrics survey: This is the survey participants receive at random moments.

Step 2: Ask Participants to Download MindSampler

For participants to be part of your study, they need to download MindSampler and enter your study's unique code at sign-up. Once registered, they will receive fully customizable notifications at random intervals, prompting them to engage with your study. In addition, if you plan on running your study on Prolific, we have designed a specific Qualtrics survey to make your life easier (which you can find in our "Design" page).

Step 3: Maximize Engagement

MindSampler opens your survey within the app when participants click on a notification. After completing the survey, the home screen displays customized feedback. By default, you can display the number of surveys taken and the average mood, designed to boost engagement. But you can also add other custom feedback on the home screen.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to running an engaging, effective, and efficient experience-sampling study using MindSampler. Happy sampling!


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