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Subscriber tools

All subscribers have access to a suite of tools organized by phase of your project. If you are already a subscriber, clicking on any of the images brings you directly to the related tools, if not, click "get started"!  

a researcher designing an experience sampling study
  • Custom Qualtrics templates to drive your survey forward quickly

  • Inspiring case studies to spark your imagination

  • Sample size calculator

  • ESM pre-registration templates

  • IRB approval assistance

  • Original data record

a researcher launching an experience sampling study
  • Easy self-launch functionality that allows you to quickly input the URL of your study and be off to the races

  • Or choose "Autopilot" and have us manage the whole process  

a researcher analyzing experience sampling data
  • Automatic data cleaning tools

  • Easy participant payment API

  • Descriptive statistics and manipulation checks

  • Advanced analysis scripts including event-based, multilevel modeling, variability and stability, and time-lagged

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