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Our subscription pricing is simple and transparent. If a subscription is not right for you, choose our "Single Study" option.

  • Most Popular


    Every year
    Perfect for running well-powered studies on your own.
    • Access to our mobile phone based survey app
    • Sample size: 400 active participants at a time
    • Custom Qualtrics Templates
    • Engaging Participant Feedback
    • Analyses Hub
    • IRB Application Assistance
    • ESM Sample and Power Calculator
    • Original Data Certification
    • Pre-Registration Templates
    • Researcher responsible for participant sourcing and fees
    • Per study admin fee $295 waived for first full study
  • Advanced

    Every year
    Perfect for running large-scale studies on your own.
    • Everything in Standard plus:
    • Sample size: 2000 active participants at a time
    • Advanced Survey Triggers
    • Advanced Participant Feedback Screens
    • Per study admin fee $295 waived for first 2 full studies
    • 15% discount on all Autopilot studies
    • Live expert assistance
  • Single Study

    Best for researchers looking to use our Autopilot option where we manage the study for you.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to the MindSampler app
    • Access to all of the tools available to subscribers
    • Designed for AutoPilot users only (see Single Study page)
    • Does not include participant or study management fees
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