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Design Your Next Study

Embarking on your next experience-sampling research endeavor? We're here to streamline the process, ensuring that your study is both rigorous and impactful. Check out our curated collection of smart tools designed with the modern researcher in mind. 

a researcher dowloading Qualtrics templates for experience sampling

Download Qualtrics Templates*

MindSampler requires two Qualtrics templates to log meta and sensor data: one for surveys pushed at random times (Notification Survey) and one for surveys that participants can initiate whenever they choose (Button Survey).


Download Qualtrics templates tailored to your specific research needs.


Plan Your Study Details

ESM Sample Size Calculator

Get precise sample size recommendations to ensure the robustness of your study. 

Notification Settings Calculator

Test your study parameters to ensure your participants receive your target number of daily notifications.

a researcher navigating experience sampling IRB and process

Navigate the Process

ESM Pre-Registration Guide

Maintain transparency and rigor with our pre-registration guide specifically designed for experience-sampling studies.



IRB Approval Assistance

Share MindSampler's ethics guide to gain swift approval from your IRB.

Original Data Record

Opt for added transparency by sending select Qualtrics survey variables to our secure servers. Receive a password-protected link, acting as a certificate of your genuine data.




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