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🔍 New Experience-Sampling Study: We Rarely Tune Into Our Body's Signals! 🔍

How often do you notice your body sensations? A recent experience-sampling study by Giulia Poerio, Geoff Bird, and colleagues reveals a surprising fact: we pay attention to our body's internal signals, or interoceptive attention, just 20% of the time. As a comparison, we're aware of sounds around us (exteroceptive attention) over 80% of the time.

📊 Key Insights from the Study:

  • Our attention to internal signals varies greatly.

  • This links to our emotions - more attention may mean more stress or fatigue.

  • Surprisingly, noticing our body's signals doesn't mean we always understand them correctly.

🧐 Why Does This Matter?

This insight challenges the idea that being in tune with our body is a fixed trait. It also suggests there might be a sweet spot for internal awareness. While previous research shows that being in tune with our bodies is essential, this study hints at an optimal level of awareness. Too much attention could lead to discomfort and fatigue, indicating the need for a balanced approach to internal awareness.


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