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Behavioral Insights From Everyday Life

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Rich and Contextualized Data in Real-time for Research and Clinical Trials

Experience Sampling — Ecological Momentary Assessment — Digital Phenotyping

Why Contextualized? 

One person might be happier than another in general, but not when she's at work. A group of customers might be more satisfied than another, except on Saturday evenings. MindSampler allows researchers to capture these crucial contextual factors to draw more robust inferences.


Why Rich? 

People often have difficulty estimating how much time they spend on different activities and can have pretty biased perceptions of their behaviors. MindSampler allows you to capture objective data from the phone sensors to develop a truly holistic view of individuals.


Why Real-time? 

Try to remember precisely what you were doing, feeling, or thinking last Monday at 2 pm. Not easy, right! However, you can certainly report what you are doing, feeling, or thinking right now. MindSampler allows you to capture people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors right as they are happening in everyday life. 


Complex Experience Sampling Studies. Made Easy.

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Design your study in Qualtrics and connect it to MindSampler.


Participants enter your study code and start receiving notifiations at random times.

phone sensors

Access sensor data, including GPS, noise level, podometer, and battery level.


Your data is securely stored in your own Qualtrics account.


Gather data with or without Personally Identifiable Information. Comply with IRB and GDPR requirements.

notifaction trigger

Send follow-up surveys based on participants answers to get a deeper understanding of rare events or deliver momentary ecological interventions.


Provide instant feedback to increase engagment.


Display the participant's average or most frequent answers to key items directly within MindSampler

matching two mobile participants

Link two participants together to study relationships, negotiation, or dyadic interactions.


Responses of one participant can trigger follow-up questions to their partner.

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Start Running Experience-Sampling Studies

Design Your Study on Qualtrics

All you need to do is to design your study using your usual Qualtrics account and send us the URL. Just make sure it looks great on mobile devices. Then add a few embedded data fields in your survey so that we can automatically pass on to your survey participants' IDs and notifications timestamps.  

Ask Participants to Download MindSampler 

At sign-up, your participants will be asked to enter the personal code of your study. They will then start receiving fully customizable notifications at random moments. 

Maximize Engagement

Once they click on a notification, MindSampler will seamlessly display your survey within the app. Once completed, the home screen will automatically show participants customized feedback (e.g., number of surveys taken, average mood) to increase engagement. 


Meet the Team

Jordi Quoidbach


Quoidbach, Ph.D.


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Pirla, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Maxime Taquet


Taquet, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

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