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Advanced studies. Made easy.

MindSampler provides a simple and powerful way to run experience sampling research directly from your Qualtrics account.

a researcher easily connecting rich experience sampling data

Revolutionizing ESM research: Intuitive simplicity meets unparalleled power

Developed by leading scholars in the field, MindSampler is a service that enables mobile app based experience sampling research and accompanies a researcher on each step of the journey, making a complicated project, easy.


What We Offer

MindSampler is much more than a software tool. It is a complete solution developed specifically to make a researcher's experience sampling work more efficient as well as drive insight from results.

A seamlessly integration between Qualtrics and MindSampler


Seamlessly display Qualtrics in MindSampler. Participants enter your study code and start receiving notifications at random times.

An illustration of the complex research designs that can be conducted on MindSampler, including matching participants and triggers


From complex Qualtrics designs and custom JS to matching participants in real-time and adaptive triggers to deploy instant follow-ups, we've got you covered

An illustration of how safe, secure, and GDPR compliant data collected on MindSampler is


Gather data with or without Personally Identifiable Information. Comply with IRB and GDPR requirements. Your data is securely stored in your own Qualtrics account.

sensor data, including GPS location, current noise levels, battery levels, and the number of steps


Access sensor data, including GPS location, current noise levels, battery levels, and the number of steps participants took since the last survey. Use the different Qualtrics plugins to collect even more advanced sensors.

uncovering scientific insight hidden in experience sampling ESM data


Transform your studies using our meticulously crafted toolkit, including our sample size calculator, item pool optimized for ESM studies, and shiny apps to analyze complex data in a few clicks.

possibility to run ESM studies on Prolific and Mturk


Run large-scale, well-powered studies with Prolific Academic, Cloud Research, and various online pools. We have built-in tools to automatically compensate your participants based on the number of completed surveys.

Built for busy researchers

Every part of MindSampler was designed according to our core belief: Research time is best spent generating insights not managing process. 



Total Design

Want to have us manage your survey launch and data collection? Click here!

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